Friendship Bootcamp - PART 2

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  • This is part two of a three part series in association with the Friendship Bootcamp project.
  • Together we will share our tips and strategies for rebooting our social life.
  • View some videos before the hangout.
  • Use the questions to keep the discussion on topic.
  • Three Circles of Friends

    Three Circles of Friends

  • Your Friendship Wish List

    Your Friendship Wish List

  • Confidence & Self-esteem

    Confidence & Self-esteem

  • Health & Fitness

    Health & Fitness

  • Values & Passions

    Values & Passions

  • The Importance of Solitude

    The Importance of Solitude

  • Personal Branding

    Personal Branding

  • Upcoming Events to Attend

    Upcoming Events to Attend

  • Conversation Skills

    Conversation Skills

  • Making First Contact & Small Talk

    Making First Contact & Small Talk

  • Exchanging Contact Information

    Exchanging Contact Information

  • Friendship Audition Process

    Friendship Audition Process

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