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What's involved with hosting your own Buddytree hangout?

Glen Brauer CEOby Glen Brauer, CEO of Buddytree

I’ve found from my own experience that hosting public hangouts is one of the best ways to bring new friends into my life, so I strongly encourage you to do this. Please view this video to get you inspired:

  1. Step 1. Create the Hangout

    There are 38 topics available to choose from on the Buddytree home page. Select a topic that you're interested in, select the date and time when you’re available, and select the button at the bottom to announce your hangout to the Buddytree community.

  2. Step 2. People Start Signing Up

    Your hangout will be announced to the Buddytree community via email. People will start to sign up to the hangout and you will receive an email when new people sign up.

  3. Step 3. Everyone Watches Some Videos

    You and the other attendees watch some of the videos before the day of the hangout which gets everyone energized about the topic.

  4. Step 4. Starting the Hangout

    A few minutes before the hangout begins, select the Video Chat link on the hangout page. Everyone else will do the same.

  5. Step 5. Facilitating the Hangout

    Use the discussion questions provided to help guide the discussion. Even though you’re the ‘host’ it’s easy to just suggest that everyone takes turns facilitating each of the questions. Don’t try to rush through all of the discussion questions since the point is to enjoy co-creating the experience together. If you find that someone is talking for a long time, just raise your hand and suggest that we hear from other perspectives or that we move on to the next question.

  6. Step 6. After the Hangout

    You will receive an email asking if you’d like to add any of the attendees to your buddytree which allows you to organize private hangouts with them. As the host, you will also receive an email asking if there were any no-shows.

When in doubt, select the Contact Us button in the top left menu. We’re here to help you! 😊