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The Most Valuable Commodity: Water

Details desalination a global problem USA vanishing river European drought TED talk on dams Water Stress: A Global Problem That’s Getting Worse | Council on Foreign Relations Is your part of the world currently experiencing drought or water stress? How does this affect you? Do you take any personal steps to decrease your water use? How do you think changes to water availability will affect your life in the future? Is it reasonable to keep sustaining agriculture in areas where water supplies are running out? What are the alternatives? Do you think people will reach a point where they will voluntarily give up foods like beef to conserve water? What will happen to people who live and work in agricultural regions when the water runs out? Could we be taking steps now to plan for this? Is desalination a reasonable way to increase available fresh water? Do you think it will ever become economically and environmentally feasible? Are the benefits of dams, especially hydroelectric dams, worth the drawbacks? Can they be balanced? What steps can be taken to reduce pollution in parts of the world where water is undrinkable? Should water use be regulated at a local, national, or international level? How do we make sure water commodities are fairly distributed? Should water resource management be a bigger focus in climate change discussions? As always, these hangouts provide the opportunity for a thoughtful, respectful and engaging discussion in a safe space where disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated.

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I was here, but no one else showed up. I waited until 12:15PM.

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