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East Side Culture Crawl

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East Side Culture Crawl


A tradition for many years, the Eastside Culture Crawl is a great way to view art and artists. Join us Saturday Nov 19 from 2-3:30pm ( we may extend the time to 4:30 or 5:30 if needed) beginning at Parker Street Studio 1000 Parker St, Vancouver, BC, Canada Parker Street Studios is a 100-year-old Vancouver landmark, hosting 4 floors of artists diverse in style and discipline. This 152,000 square foot industrial building was originally home to the Restore Mattress factory and now features 110 studios for over 200 artists, designers, photographers, woodworkers, and more all creating under one roof. There are 145 artists located here. As there will be 7-9 people, we will randomly split up into 2 groups of 4 and 5 OR 3 groups of 3. I will devise a method. In our small groups, let's explore Parker Street Studios for an hour. By 3:00pm let's meet up again and decide who wants to finish exploring Parker Street Studios and who wants to walk to Eastside Atelier 1310 William Street, Vancouver, BC, Eastside Atelier, formerly William Clark Studios, is located on the southeast corner of William Street and Clark Drive. The artist collective has been in operation for several decades. In Spring 2020 while on the verge of a mass eviction, artists teamed up with the Eastside Culture Crawl and the City of Vancouver to save these spaces. Following a new wing addition, Eastside Atelier is now our second largest art collective boasting 45 artists! Go up one staircase and discover 36 open studios across a single, large, U-shaped floor. Be sure to visit both the east and west wings! Diverse art styles include painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, mixed media, collage and textile art. Instagram: @eastsideatelierartists

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Thanks Clare, Aleesa, Lily, Shelley, Brian, and Mark for coming out. Lily, it was very lovely to meet your brother. Thanks for being welcoming to my friends Carol and Jag eveyrone. It was lovely to end at Joanne's studio. As expected, it was hard for us to have longer authentic conversations in this hangout. However, I hope we all have an opportunity to meet again at a Friendly Vancouver event.

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Yeay! Let's culture crawl together again! 😍

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Thanks for initiating this Natalie!

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Please view the updated details. Meet at the front of 1000 Parker Street Parker Street Studio. Will divide us up into smaller groups for the 1st part of our crawl. End at 1310 William Street East Side Atelier. Looking forward to crawling with you.

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I've noted the location change. Looking forward to it and see you all there. Have a great rest of the week.

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