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Allegra Chamber Orchestra with The IndigiDivas!

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    Initiated by:
  • Mark
  • The Orpheum Theatre
  • 601 Smithe St.
  • I'll wait in the lobby at 1:15 and then we can find seats together.

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Allegra Chamber Orchestra with The IndigiDivas!


Short notice but this looks and sounds fantastic. For those that know me, yes, this is my friend Louise playing violin in this performance. However, it is not the West Coast Orchestra as I've hosted previous. The Allegra Chamber Orchestra will be playing with The IndigiDivas (wow, I luv it already!) "Indigenous Stories and Operatic Hits The IndigiDivas are Indigenous opera singers who breathe life into the works of First Nations and Métis composers from across Turtle Island, alongside opera’s greatest hits! Melody Courage, Rebecca Cuddy, and Michelle Lafferty unite to combine their unique artistry in an unforgettable journey through song" Tix are on a sliding scale from $20 inclusive and up. It looks like it is general admission so we should be able to sit together. I'll meet those interested in the lobby at the Smithe St. entrance at 1:15pm. Here are some links for further info: https://www.allegrachamberorchestra.com/the-indigidivas https://www.allegrachamberorchestra.com/ https://www.vtixonline.com/the-indigidivas-/3950/ See you there :)

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Good Day Richard, it says that doors open at 1:30. I'll be there closer to then. I'll be wearing a red plaid jacket, a cap, and glasses. Thanks.

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Okay thanks. See you then. I'm wearing a grey coat and black pants.

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