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Kardias Quing performs at Joanne Probyn Art during First Saturday

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  • Joanne
  • Joanne Probyn Art at Eastside Atelier
  • 10b - 1310 William Street
  • Look for the single door closest to the corner of the building. Go up the stairs. Then, follow the yellow line through the building to studio 10B.

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Kardias Quing performs at Joanne Probyn Art during First Saturday


You're invited! Join me for a music concert on First Saturday at my art studio. I suggest the group meets at 1:45pm when doors open. Following the show, those who wish to can explore a few art studios together then grab a coffee or a bite to eat to chat about the day. Up next is Kardias Quing, a musician who beautifully incorporates mindfulness and passion into her rhythmic, creative songs... perfect for spring! Rare chance to see her perform in an intimate setting among beautiful, original artwork in a working artist's studio! My art studio is located within one of Vancouver's largest art collectives, Eastside Atelier. Afternoon, acoustic, salon concert held during First Saturday, an open art studios event featuring over 90 artists across the Lower Mainland. This event is like Eastside Culture Crawl yet happens every first Saturday of the month. First Saturday: March 4, 2023 12pm to 5pm. Visit over over 15 artists in the same building before/after! Kardias Quing Show: 2pm (doors 1:45pm) "...(Kardias Quing) brings an air of lightness through melodic grooves and inspiring lyrics and invites listeners to pause and appreciate their own personal essence." - Kailey Jean, SAD Magazine Your attendance helps support the creative practices of Kardias Quing and myself while helping raise awareness of First Saturday and Eastside Atelier. Thank you for your support! Buddytree RSVP is a meeting plan and does not reserve a seat. Same-day seating is first come, first serve. Cost is pay-what-you-can or a suggested $20.00 donation. Advance tickets available for $25, plus Eventbrite fee. BUY TICKETS NOW https://bit.ly/ProbynArt_Kardias LEARN MORE https://www.probynart.com/a-salon-concert-presented-by-joanne-probyn-art/

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Did you know the literal meaning of Kardias Quing's name is the “ruler of one’s own heart”? Contemplate this as you enjoy her music video for "Still" that has garnered over 15,000 views. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7b0V8_phxA

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Great news, gang! I'm thrilled to inform you that Kardias Quing will be performing with her cellist. Can't. Wait!! :)

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Very nice - I always like it when there's an accompanist involved since it further fleshes out the musical spectrum in the room. I liked that YouTube video you posted as well. :)

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Learn about Kardias Quing. Watch this BCIT interview at radio Evolution 107.9. https://youtu.be/M8iJ5Ooyy9o Who's getting excited?! Nine sleeps left! Watch for event posters around Commercial Drive and many online event postings. We are getting pretty fancy over here ;) To invite a friend, click blue button "Invite others to this hangout" at the top.

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Fabulous! Really looking forward to this!

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Hello Joanne, I bought a ticket and also want to bring a friend. Her name is Nooshin. I hope it's ok if I verify her for now.

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Hi Natalie, yes, of course! Maybe next time Nooshin can join us here, if she's interested. No pressure. Glen, feel free to put buddytree business cards out on the entry table. I will thank you for buddytree after the concert. :)

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Something came up and unfortunately I can't make it this afternoon. Sorry! Looking forward to the next one!

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Thanks so much Joanne. Another beautiful experience.

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Truly my pleasure, Lee. You're welcome. No worries, Lily; thanks for letting us know. Grateful for you all. Your ongoing support in many ways means the world to me. You are all an important part of creating this beautiful community built around culture and meaningful connections. Great to chat with some of you after the show. I was thrilled so many people enjoyed Kardias Quing's performance as much as I! Glad we could be together to share this special experience. Hope to see you soooooon! Jxo

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