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Yaletown Park Towers - Meet & Greet Hangout

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Yaletown Park Towers - Meet & Greet Hangout


*PLEASE NOTE: this hangout is exclusively for people living in the buildings at Yaletown Park Towers.* Have you ever wondered how many people living in your building you actually know? My name is Lily and I've been living at Yaletown Towers for the past five years. I think it would be great to get to know other people in my building. Unfortunately, our common room is unavailable at the moment (due to a flooding incident) so I've booked us the Board Room at the Roundhouse Community Centre which is only a 9 minute walk away. My friend Glen Brauer will also be making a presentation about the new social networking platform that he's helped to develop called Buddytree. Here's a short video about this project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WKGu0DK1DQ For more info about Glen you can check out his profile: https://www.buddytree.org/people/cBLcUttq1U Feel free to bring an appetizer, non-alcoholic drink or a dessert to add to the mix. Please RSVP (on the top-right corner of this page) since there are limited spots available. Also, the benefit of everyone RSVPing in advance is that everyone can see who else is coming! :)

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Great idea! Good luck with the presentation.

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