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The Monarchy Debate


Here are the videos and discussion questions for this hangout: 1: Which of the videos was particularly interesting to you and why? 2. What is the most important characteristic for a head of state to have? 3. Would a life term for an elected monarch be better than a hereditary monarch? 4. What are the benefits of hereditary leadership and its costs? 5. Is the British monarch obsolete? 6. Should all citizens in a democratic republic be prepared for a place in government from childhood, whether they are interested or not? 7. What do you think about members of the royal family involving themselves in affairs of state, the environment or other issues? Should they be allowed to say whatever they think, or should they keep silent in public about such issues? 8. It is sometimes argued that, as the monarch has a number of privileges that are not available to ordinary people, then he or she also has the responsibility to marry another member of a royal house. What is your opinion? 9. Would you prefer your country to be a monarchy or republic? 10. Do you have a question on this topic which you would like to ask the group? Please remember to watch at least a few videos before you arrive since we’ll be discussing them when we begin. Once the hangout begins, everyone will introduce each other and then take turns asking the provided questions in order to keep the discussion on topic. Hangouts typically last 90 minutes, and once the hangout is over you will have the opportunity to add people to your buddytree to organize private hangouts and develop friendships. As always, these hangouts provide the opportunity for a thoughtful, respectful and engaging discussion in a safe space where disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated.

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