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Movie Hangout - Blackberry

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Movie Hangout - Blackberry


Hey Everyone, You are welcome to join me for this film at the VIFF Theatre in Vancouver. The film begins at 7:00pm, and let's meet in the lobby at 6:40pm. Please be sure to purchase your tickets in advance: https://viff.org/whats-on/blackberry/ I think it would also be great for us to chat a bit about the movie afterwards at the nearby Blenz Coffee on Davie and Granville (3 min walk from the theatre). Here's a summary of the movie from IMDB…Hope you can make it!: A company that toppled global giants before succumbing to the ruthlessly competitive forces of Silicon Valley. This is not a conventional tale of modern business failure by fraud and greed. The rise and fall of BlackBerry reveals the dangerous speed at which innovators race along the information superhighway. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt21867434/ Here's a link to the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXL_HDzBQsM

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Hi all...I went to buy my ticket and it appears to be sold out. I'm sorry to miss this, and hope you all have a great time!

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Sorry all, it appears I am in the same boat… no tickets left to purchase. Very sorry to miss. Enjoy, Kathy

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Oh my! I haven't bought my ticket either! Usually, they wouldn't sell out, it should be a good movie! I'll call the box office on Monday morning to see if there are tickets to buy in person. I'll keep you posted.

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Sorry to hear that Clare, Kathy and Lily. Okay, let's see what Lily finds out then. Peter did you buy your ticket already?

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It's Sunday evening, and I just checked. Same! No ticket available. Darn!

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Sorry to hear that Peter. :(

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I've been trying to call VIFF box office since the morning and they're not answering the phones. Sorry to miss this one. Thanks for organizing Glen

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