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Shipyard Night Hangout

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Shipyard Night Hangout


Come out for some food, entertainment and checking out various crafts and such in the Market at Shipyards Night Market by Lonsdale Quay. Link to details: https://shipyardsnightmarket.com/

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Looks fun! I already have plans, but next time! Thanks for organizing Markus

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Thanks, Markus but have plans that evening. Have fun!

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Thanks for organizing this Markus. I've enjoyed joining you for this in the past, but I'll actually be busy with James, Bev and Chris at our first Buddytree board meeting that evening. Otherwise I would join you. I suspect that others will still join closer to the hangout, but in the meantime I suggest that you edit the image for this hangout to something like this (instead of the default image of the laptop screen): https://www.cnv.org/-/media/City-of-North-Vancouver/Images/Social-Tag-Images/2022-12-The-Shipyards-Winter-Spirit-of-the-Season-aerial-web-size-(2)_Twitter_Card_800x418.jpg

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Thanks Glen, have updated photo.

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I just saw this and live close by. I'll be in the area 6:15. If you tell me where you are I'll come by.

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