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The Nature Of Consciousness


Here are the videos and discussion questions for this hangout: Science and consciousness Consciousness and reality Animal consciousness Relating consciousness and awareness Why is there consciousness Plants 1. What is your definition of consciousness? 2. Is there a difference between consciousness and awareness? Can someone/thing be aware without being conscious, or vice versa? 3. What is the difference between human consciousness and animal consciousness? Are there different categories of consciousness, or simply different levels? 4. Although consciousness is typically linked to the physical body, many people believe they have consciousness/awareness that does not depend on their physical senses - out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, etc. What is your opinion on these beliefs? 5. Many religious beliefs also rely on consciousness not being chained to the body, especially those that include an afterlife. The first lesson of Krishna consciousness is, "You are not that body." Do you agree that the self is not synonymous with consciousness, and therefore not part of our biology, but something spiritual? 6. Is consciousness connected to the soul? If so, have unconscious people lost their souls? If somebody is resuscitated after dying, could they have a new soul? Does that mean they are actually a different person? 7. Are plants conscious? If not, how do they react to stimuli, to the point of seeming to learn and remember experiences and make decisions? 8. Could machines become conscious? What is missing for AI to be considered a conscious being? Please remember to watch at least a few videos before you arrive since we’ll be discussing them when we begin. Once the hangout begins, everyone will introduce each other and then take turns asking the provided questions in order to keep the discussion on topic. Hangouts typically last 90 minutes, and once the hangout is over you will have the opportunity to add people to your buddytree to organize private hangouts and develop friendships. As always, these hangouts provide the opportunity for a thoughtful, respectful and engaging discussion in a safe space where disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated.

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