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Transcendence In Comics - George Herriman and Krazy Kat


Here are the videos and discussion questions for this hangout: Some artistic respect: Deeper analysis of the comic and its creator: The comic on film: 1. Do you enjoy Herriman's design? What do you (not) like about it? 2. How would you describe the relationship between Krazy and Ignatz? Is it simple comedy or something deeper? 3. Why do you think Herriman used such an unusual accent for his main character? What does it "sound" like to you? 4. How does the triangle of Krazy, Ignatz and Pup subvert typical views of love and animal relationships? 5. Herriman described Krazy as genderless; are you surprised that a character from the early 20th century could be described this way by its creator? What would the reaction be today if a comic strip had a non-binary or agender character? 6. In later strips the background is very changeable. What is Herriman transmitting with these changes? 7. Herriman had a mysterious background himself. Is the flexibility of his main character a reflection of his own? Do you identify with literary characters who are what you are or what you want to be? 8. Do comics have to be funny to be good newspaper comics? 9. What do you enjoy about comics/cartoons/graphic novels? 10. Do you know of other comics that seemed simple but can be seen as deep or philosophical, or had important messages for their readers? Please remember to watch at least a few videos before you arrive since we’ll be discussing them when we begin. Once the hangout begins, everyone will introduce each other and then take turns asking the provided questions in order to keep the discussion on topic. Hangouts typically last 90 minutes, and once the hangout is over you will have the opportunity to add people to your buddytree to organize private hangouts and develop friendships. As always, these hangouts provide the opportunity for a thoughtful, respectful and engaging discussion in a safe space where disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated.

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Paula and I might not be able to make it; we are planning to go to Sacramento on that day.

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Hi! A storm knocked out our power last night and it's still not back. I'll join if it comes back!

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Well crappity crap! We'll go ahead and hope you can join a little later

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