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Movie Discussion - Toorbos

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Movie Discussion - Toorbos


Click here to view the trailer: "Toorbos" explores the uprooting of a young forest woman and her community during the time of the last forest inhabitants of South Africa's Knysna forest of the 1930's. This film was South Africa's official entry to the 93rd Annual Academy Awards in 2021. This movie is part of the South African Film Festival (SAFF) and you can access it here: Click here to view more films in this festival: SAFF Canada is a festival with a heart. It is a non-profit event organized by volunteers. We are proud to be part of, and raising funds for, Education without Borders (EwB), a Canadian-based charitable foundation created in 2002. EwB provides after-school programs for learners in South Africa and supports Indigenous programs in Canada. ------- As always, these hangouts provide the opportunity for a thoughtful, respectful and engaging discussion with questions provided to keep things on topic. All attendees are required to have their camera and microphone turned on during the hangout. Make sure your camera and microphone are working prior to the hangout. ***Needless to say, all attendees are required to have watched the movie before attending***

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